Finding Your Center

In today’s world, being able to discern and trust your inner guidance is a priceless commodity. I have spent my life nurturing this trust, always intending for clarity. Being able to trust that knowingness inside is a most precious gem. If you experience doubt and feel you are not clear about your path, then this most precious gem is available to you.

Are you clear about what it is you desire and where you want to go in life? When we ask, the universe responds whether or not we are conscious of this. What is the value of being more conscious of what we are putting out? We can often avoid mishaps or making decisions we will regret. If this happens, please be kind to yourself and realize you can learn something from this.

When we open to the depth of who we truly are, we find that heaven exists within us, always there waiting for us.

When we become clear and trust our inner voice or higher guidance, we move into our spiritual authority. No one can give this to us, though many teachers have been available to guide us. Many of us find a glimpse of this awareness when we tune into nature.

Shamanistic traditions teach us we can contemplate nature and find answers. We hear those answers when the mind is quiet and clear. People study metaphysics, mediumship, or healing work for different reasons. We can move forward in our own spiritual authority. It is never about the gifts, but about the journey itself. This path is about coming into our own spiritual authority. That is why I have always called this a sacred path.

Healing, psychic and mediumistic abilities that come naturally are often shared with others because when we have found inner peace and joy or that sense of freedom, we are excited and full of joy to share it. One of my favorite sayings is by Ram Dass:
“ We’re all just walking each other home.”
— Ram Dass

We learn from each other and no one is above or below each other, and what we can learn in spiritual growth is endless in this lifetime.

I truly hope for you to have a joyful and fulfilling life. I hope you find magic in the stillness and can hear and know your own soul’s wisdom.

The Osprey pictured above is a beautiful example of focus. The bird, focused on a fish, is quiet and listening. Then, in a flash quicker than the human eye / blink, it has captured a fish in its mouth. Perhaps a lesson that we can all attain this ourselves and that it takes focus. (Thank you to Photographer, studio engineer and fantastic guitar player David Sikula for this picture.) He produced the album I did with Miles Black Standing in The Sunlight.)

If you want the skills for clarity, manifestation, ability to focus with clarity, then I hope to see you in Magnetic You. You are so powerful and I hope for you understand and use your spiritual authority to guide your life. When we live from this place, we have more peace, more joy and more love to show up in life

Remember to send a hug to your loved ones in spirit (animals too) and receive the love being sent. Energy is real!

Much Love,

Cynthia Rose M

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