Why It Is Always Darkest Before Dawn

Our brains are hard wired to think metaphorically, through symbolism or imagery that helps us make meaning in our lives. We all come from storytellers. Our minds are always trying to explain, understand, and define what we are picking up with our senses. As a metaphor for cycles in our lives, it can seem like it is darkest before dawn. It is a turning point in our personal cycle with life, however it is not the end. Your mind may want you think in extremes, but you are in a cycle in your life.

Imagine, if you will, a pitch black night sky. Sitting somewhere comfortable, perhaps laying on a blanket staring at the stars against a black velvet background-the sky. You begin to relax into the darkness, and then the light of a star appears and you stare at that one. On this night, you allow your mind to empty your thoughts and stare at the star. Indulging yourself, you breathe a little deeper and if you sit long enough; you begin to feel that magic that the sky can emanate. You know, the kind that fascinated you as a kid, when you were thinking of the seven wonders of the world. There is so much mystery, so much we don’t know. You remind yourself; It feels good to this, even though your mind has now interrupted and suggested something else you need to do. Maybe the shopping list comes up, it could be any number of things like, I should go to bed, it’s late. It was like a mini-meditation drinking in the night sky and it felt good to just take a few minutes and breathe in the beautiful horizon you live under. Inside to our home we go-perhaps off to sleep more peacefully now. Sometimes this kind of stillness draws our attention to the busy-ness of the mind, too. Your mind wonders why things are not moving fast enough in life. How come this and how come that, and on it goes from there.

Maybe that busy mind is presenting you with a fork in the road, but you can’t see it. Heck, maybe you see nothing at the moment. In the darkness, in the silence, you may have an idea come to mind. You dream a little… Well, maybe….. hmm what if… enters the mind, and it feels fantastic to dream. Perhaps you are doing this right now with an idea. Although not fully formed yet, you have an idea! Maybe you are trying to implement it. You can’t quite see your way as it feels like it is even darker, and it may feel so dark out you are now wondering why you bothered having that idea, anyway. Let’s just say you won’t let it go though and you feel as if you are not moving, but truthfully, you have been on your journey.

This is the moment on a journey when many people become hesitant, and they think of turning back. There really isn’t anywhere to go but forward. As you continue on, in the extreme darkness, you hold the idea, the star in your heart, as you continue on. Then it happens. There is that moment when suddenly we see the contrast of the emergence of light against the dark. We see the light; we realize that contrast almost makes the dark seem darker as the light shines. This is the moment of creation where ideas take hold.

You have walked through the tunnel, and you kept going even through the darkness, and at least the contrast of light is brighter than the darkness of night. It is light outside and you continue on your journey. Now, you are in a time of new beginnings. Because some things will not come through this passage with you, it is also a time of endings. You carry on, and now there is a bit of a renewed sense, a little dance in your step. Light has fully emerged and you can see you are in a whole fresh territory.

Everything in life is in a cycle. Every beginning has an ending, and every ending has a new beginning. Wherever you are in this cycle in your life, understanding it is a cycle can help you along your path. Remember, you have the capacity to go within and find your answers. Your loved ones in spirit, your guides, are always there to support you. You are loved and never alone.

“Every great dream begins with a dreamer. Always remember, you have within you the strength, the patience, and the passion to reach for the stars to change the world.”

– Harriet Tubman

Much Love,

CynthiaRose M

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