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Go deep into personal growth and healing as Cynthia’s client or empower yourself by working with her and learning her spiritual practices. Each session is thoughtfully designed to cater to your unique needs, whether seeking a connection with loved ones or focusing on your own spiritual journey.

Before We Explore Your Options:
Discover The Benefits

Before We Explore Your Options: Discover The Benefits

Sessions with Cynthia Rose offer a spectrum of spiritual benefits, enhancing well-being and personal growth:

Closure and Healing:

Connect with loved ones for messages that offer closure and healing.

Self-Love and Peace:

Cultivate a kinder self-perception and discover your inner peace.

Intuition and Fulfillment:

Learn to heed your intuition, releasing anxiety for a more fulfilled existence.

Deeper Connections:

Build a deeper, ongoing relationship with those who have passed.

Calmness and Happiness:

Embrace a life marked by calm, slow-paced enjoyment, and happiness.

Courage in Life:

Gain strength to face life with less fear.

Which Path is Right for Me?

Mediumship Session

Connecting with Departed Loved Ones

Ideal for those seeking to connect with loved ones who have passed, providing evidence of their presence and messages from the spirit world.

Soul-to-Soul Session

Personal Healing and Guidance

Focuses on your spiritual and personal growth, offering healing and guidance for a more fulfilled life.

Soul Path Astrology Session

Understanding Life's Path and Energies

Use your natal chart to explore your soul’s journey, highlighting how celestial energies gently guide your future.

Channeling Session

Spiritual Guidance

Offers guidance from spiritual higher realms to support your journey. Openness to any message is key, with the possibility of loved ones’ presence without the focus on evidential messages.

Experience Transformation with Cynthia

Engage in profound sessions where Cynthia Rose acts as your guide to personal and spiritual discovery. These sessions focus either on your own growth or connecting with your loved ones in the spirit world.

Connecting with Loved Ones

Mediumship Session

50 minutes - $350

A Mediumship Session will connect you with your departed loved ones in the spirit world through Cynthia Rose as the magnetic medium to bring evidence of who they were so you may know them. You will learn that what loved ones share, is relevant to who they were in real life on earth.

You are invited to build a deeper connection with your loved ones as spirit. You will know they are alright and with you.

With the help of her guides and the spirit worlds, Cynthia Rose will help you find healing and closure by connecting as a loving frequency to your loved ones who bring messages to support you.

Cynthia Rose will assist you in allowing the evidential and healing messages to help you move forward.

Connecting with Yourself

Soul Path Astrology Session

50 minutes - $350

Discover your life’s path with a Soul Path Astrology session. This session delves deeper than the Soul-to-Soul, offering a personalized birth chart analysis by Cynthia Rose. Using your birth date, place, and time, Cynthia crafts a detailed natal chart to explore your past, present, and potential future, unveiling your soul’s patterns and evolution. Gain insight into how celestial energies accompany you on your life’s journey, empowering you to navigate life’s cycles with awareness and grace.

Sessions are tailored to your knowledge of your birth time:

  • Standard Session (Known Birth Time): $350/50 min
  • Extended Discovery (Approximate Birth Time): $600*
  • Comprehensive Exploration (Unknown Birth Time – must be booked 30 days in advance):$900*
  • Annual Update (Returning Clients): $308/40 min

*Extra time included for precise birth time determination.

Soul-to-Soul Session

50 minutes - $350

In the Soul-To-Soul Session, you and Cynthia Rose connect with your soul and your spiritual presence to bring in healing, clarity, and insights.

You will deepen your soul connection and receive information about you and your path;  messages that support your continued awareness.

Cynthia Rose will connect with your guides as well as her own to bring through the highest guidance available for your development at this time. 

And, even though a loved one could come through to support you, the focus remains on you and your current life, not the afterlife of your loved ones.

Channeling Session

50 minutes - $350

Do you want to connect with or find guidance within and beyond? Do you believe in guides, angels, and higher wisdom? Do you believe in past lives? In this session, your soul is seeking supported guidance.  

In a Channeling Session, Cynthia Rose invites all who come to support you in the highest and best in your life at this time.  

This session is for those wishing to expand their awareness and don’t necessarily need proof of afterlife evidence. Choose this session if you are seeking past life information.

With an open mind what needs to be communicated will come through.

If you are unclear about how you will benefit the most, you might want to select this session, trust the process, and see where it takes you. *Remember you are in charge of your spiritual journey here.


Empower Your Spiritual Gifts

For those inspired to uncover and develop their own spiritual and mediumistic abilities under Cynthia’s mentorship. These LIVE courses are designed to equip you with the knowledge and skills to explore your own healing, psychic and mediumistic talents.


Spiritual Awareness & Intuition

A foundational course aimed at beginners and those looking to deepen their spiritual journey. Enhances awareness, develops intuition, and fosters a deeper spiritual connection.


Energy Healing & Intuition

Focuses on teaching participants to channel healing energy, understand energy flow, and use intuition in the healing process. Ideal for those interested in energy healing.


Mediumship & Psychic Gifts

Offers insights into connecting with the spirit world, understanding and utilizing psychic gifts responsibly, and emphasizes the healing potential of mediumship.

Understanding Your Chosen Path


These sessions are all about your personal growth, healing, and understanding. They are tailored to help you navigate your life’s challenges and opportunities with greater clarity and peace.

Connecting with Loved Ones

Dedicated to fostering connections with those in the spirit world, these sessions bring messages of love, guidance, and closure, enriching your ongoing journey.

Preparing for a Session

Preparing for a session with Cynthia Rose is straightforward and focuses on openness. Here’s what you need to know:

The Difference Between a Psychic and a Medium


Connects with the deceased, providing evidence of their identity and messages. Focuses on evidential communication from loved ones who have passed.


Tunes into your personal energy and information about your life. Often associated with predicting future events, a practice Cynthia Rose moves away from, emphasizing guidance rather than fortune-telling.

Both mediums and psychics can offer deep insights, but mediums specifically aim to bridge the gap between the living and the spirit world, offering closure and messages from beyond.

Choosing the Right Medium - Book Today!

When you book a medium session, it should feel “right”! Trust your gut and follow your instincts. I’ll see you soon!