Stairway To Heaven

I am at a time in my life when I am so fired up to share all I have learned in my life. I am content, joyful, and grateful to be here. I realized through all I’ve been through that what I care most about is sharing it all. How did I get from there to here?

Believe me, I have spent hours thinking about what has helped, what didn’t and how best to support others in their process. I am pleased to offer this to others.

First of all, I’d have to go back and explain that I had the ability to hear my deceased grandfather from a very early age. I can almost remember now the belief that you weren’t supposed to disturb the dead. I never knew my grandfather in life, so I never thought of him as dead; he was just the old man that comforted me and helped me.

I would wake up, and write on my bed comforter, only to realize that the notebook I was writing in, was in my dream; it used to make me really upset too.

It was confusing because I was baptized catholic and yet my mom was a reader who helped so many people. My Dad was naturally psychic but you’d never catch him using that word. I realize now that he read energy. He would never have called it anything but common sense. It was the old way to use more of your mind as he would call it. It would take years to make sense of it all. I believe that although I was born with abilities, I could have chosen to have ignored them completely.

Then, at 15 years of age, I began channeling readings through a spread of tarot cards. The year before I had my astrology chart done and it scared the hell out of me! How could someone see all these things inside of me?

I also realized I had personal growth in front of me to be able to be free and to live my best life. What I wanted most, was wisdom and to continue growing. I believe we can all invoke our own growth.

Who is in the driver’s seat for you? Body-mind-spirit, or mind, body, or spirit? We really can’t separate them, but in this reality, we use language to describe parts of ourselves. Although we cannot separate them, we can allow one to be more dominant.

If I had one thing left I could share, it would simply be: live with your spiritual self in the driver’s seat. You are so much more and all that is gold within. The stairway to heaven is within you.

Much Love,

Cynthia Rose


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