The Resonance Of Spirit

You are a spirit having a human existence. You are also a part of a soul that has had existed before. Within each of us is a wealth of knowledge.

As human beings, we use different methods to develop our awareness.

There are many traditions that offer training for spiritual development. Many have a rich history and some even have hundreds of years of research behind them. With the addition of technology, some researchers have tested ancient research as well. The long and short of it is that these rich traditions support our evolution. But how do they help us individually?

Of course, each tradition has its own way, but they all have something in common. The way we train the mind varies in each tradition, but if we bring these traditions into our modern day world, we could replace ancient descriptions with modern words and understandings.

When I look back on my life, my mentors had different ways that they grew. When I first learned spiritual healing at seventeen years of age, I quickly applied that to color healing, which was actually a part of that tradition as well. It worked well for me, and I saw positive results on others when I shared myself as a conduit.

Dealing with an injury years later, I was in such pain that spiritual healing hardly worked at all. Over time, I understood I could use healing to alleviate the stress and worry and sometimes anxiety that came from my life situation. I needed surgery but did not receive the diagnosis that afforded me surgery.

I understood I needed to empower my energy as much as I could. I even told certain doctors that I could do this thing with my mind (my secret way of saying energy work) and bring pain levels down but couldn’t seem to hold it there. That reason was simple. I needed surgery, and the body was speaking to me loudly.

During my time through this journey. I received many gifts through my dedication to growth. We often learn the most through our challenging times in life.

I trusted I would heal and my knowingness stayed strong. That allowed me to not give up.

I practiced gratitude for what I had and did my best to enjoy my life through these challenges. There were others around me who couldn’t handle it, but only I had to be okay with what was happening to me.

My awareness of the spirit world grew as I sat within that energy.

I was learning about energy in different ways.

My understanding of the complexity of others’ actions grew as well.

I practiced forgiveness over and over and over again. I learned that forgiveness has nothing to do with the right or wrong of an action.

By the time I learned another form of energy work that was devoid of any religious connotations, I was aware of how much my actual awareness had grown.

I had learned about surrender and resistance many times throughout my journey. I had become a witness to my life’s circumstances and reactions that my mind had, but knew I was not my circumstance;

I learned I was 100% responsible for my life and situation. To think any other way was taking away my power within.

I am so grateful for all I have learned in this life. What I was also learning was how to harness my spiritual authority in this life. When the day came where I received a diagnosis and we made plans for surgery, I didn’t really know whether to laugh or cry. I had been telling the medical profession for years exactly where the problem was. Government regulation, rules etc and possibly the original doctor I had led to the misdiagnosis. I never gave up, and I ended up going to a doctor who had trained in Germany, read MRIs and was good at diagnosis. I was now in the US and received the benefit of the advancement of the latest magnetic resonance imaging that helped me finally get a diagnosis.I realized in these moments that I had held firm to my trust and knowing for many years and I was correct. My healing happened on all levels of my being. The physical healing was the last part to come. I didn’t wait for it to grow. I know that whatever you are facing right now that you have a power bank within you to help you through.

Someone can tell you what is going on with you, but when you operate from spiritual authority, you have hold the power to make changes.

We learn the most from challenges in our lives. While tragedy or trauma is hard, if it crosses your soul path, I hope you don’t let it limit your brilliance. Please understand this has nothing to do with the right or wrong of a situation. Please remember you are a beautiful being with so much more within you.

Without spiritual authority, you are operating at half-mast. This is of course your choice too with no judgments. I ask you, what are you learning in terms of your own power right now? Are you manifesting the life you want? Have you limited yourself in any way? If the answer is yes, and you feel limited, then you have a master waiting within you, waiting for you to take charge. That is your spirit.

I wish for you the best life because, hey, we are all in this together.

Much Love

Cynthia Rose

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