The Value of Reflection

Speaking of communications this weekend, the moon is transiting through the sign of Gemini, which is a sign that it is all about communication. This brings me to highlight the value of reflection. The planet Mercury will go retrograde for three weeks, three times a year. In the Vedic tradition, the moon is the mind and this weekend with Mercury seen as the mind in Western astrology and the moon as the mind in Vedic astrology makes this weekend a powerful time for communication and reflection.

Mars is transiting Gemini and Venus is transiting Virgo, and both signs have to do with forms of communication. What comes to mind is that the way we communicate with ourselves and the way we handle our energy field makes a big difference in how we feel. For me, astrology has everything to do with energy because everything is energy.

When we learn how to live by balancing ourselves, we find we have more sustained energy. As a collective, we may have certain times of year we slow down to be with friends and family, which is important in our communities as well. The ability to take time and reflect is of immense value. Some of us are naturally more inclined to reflect than others, but everyone can find value in taking time to reflect. How beautiful that, built within the cycles of the stars, we have reminders to value reflection. Let me say with Mars in Gemini, some of you may feel more impatient, so remember to take a breath and center yourself. If this is a fall where you are impatient and frustrated with the universe then it’s a perfect time to learn more about yourself and your energy field.

All the planets represent energies we are interacting with, even if we don’t know it. Perhaps the ancient peoples had a more sacred approach to how they viewed it. After thousands of years of documentation, astronomers who were naturally astrologers recorded many common happenings during certain planets interacting with each other. This happened through watching, reflecting, listening, and recording what they saw. It all started with wanting to know the best times to plant and the formation of calendars. Today some people still live by the lunar calendar rather than our commonly known Gregorian one.

Fast forward to today we have computers and more research continues, but we know much more. I am firm in my belief that everything is energy. How we use and interact with energy affects our lives. I like to call planet interactions planetary dances. The picture of the heavens when you were born is your natal chart, also known as your birth chart. The dance of the planets and how you choose to interact with them affects your life. Learning about yourself is of great value.

Mercury stationed or slowed before appearing to us be reversing direction on September 8th. October 3, at 2:07 am Pacific time it turns from stationary to moving forward again. It will have moved back into Virgo at 24 degrees. We may have old ground to go over regarding where we have Virgo or Gemini in our charts.

At 5:17 pm Pacific Time on October 16 is when it will actually be in fresh territory again. We can use this time to reflect, redo, rebuild, rewrite, re-orient ourselves, reset, or re-plan. Where will you value from reflection in your life? As everything is energy and we use energy to communicate, could this be a self reset regarding how you use and interact with yourself as well? We may also have to look at a relationship and see how we can improve our communication with someone.

I hope you don’t have too many delays or tech issues this week and find some time to enjoy communicating with your own spirit and other soul friends. Sunday, when the moon moves into cancer, I’m looking forward to food at home and tuning into the sensitivity within myself as well. Home stuff will be a focus on Sunday, Monday and Tuesday for me. Funny enough, with this Mercury retrograde, this month I have more zoom appointments than usual as well. Please note that zoom has been doing upgrades sometimes twice a week!

With love,

Cynthia Rose

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