The Heart Of The Matter

Let’s face it, life is a challenge sometimes when it comes to matters of the heart.

As I write this, my heart is full of gratitude and lover for everything! And, I mean EVERYTHING…Including the tough lessons I had to learn. lessons that at the time really felt impossible.

I’ve had many discussions with people who say they don’t love someone anymore. There are definitely valid reasons to back away from a relationship. Perhaps to protect oneself from unkind people who are harmful to us. We do have to look after ourselves.

An an extreme empath, I could never be unaware of the love I felt for someone, even if I had to keep them out of my life. Having to shut someone out is like a cross to bear sometimes. You may disagree with me, of course, but in my humble experience I believe that if we go that deep with our love, we never stop loving someone if we truly loved them to begin with.

Naturally, this is what makes loving someone so hard in difficult situations. And, at some point we may have to learn to wish them the best, leave the relationship, and love them from afar.

I also realize that sometimes we feel we’ve lost that loving feeling, and that’s okay too.


I say this because, when we truly have released the pain and suffering, we will realize the things we need to DO ??? and true healing will have taken place.


Our astrological portrait runs deep and it is difficult to escape. Learning to navigate life with deep feelings or walking the path of an extreme empath, is essential for inner peace and joy. Sometimes the change is necessary on the outside, while other times the more important INNER change is required.

Our astrological portrait shows us how we evolve and grow as souls to our greatest potential. This is what is so great about evolutionary astrology. It is not about intuition or ‘seeing’ the future. It is all about us beginning to grow into who we are so we can experience a sense of peace and joy we did not know before, even if life was good already. And, even better if life was difficult!

I know there is a fascination with seeing the future; I sure had this as a young teen. While developing your intuition is essential, premonitions and seeing the future is only a very small part of it. I have been there and experienced it.

There are no accidents in the birth chart we are born with. All things that happen are beautiful. Your natal chart is the picture of your soul potential. Even today I find that my intuition and ASTROLOGY were helpful when going through what seemed like endless challenges. And, I still find it helpful to look at the design of my soul picture to keep enjoying my life. I recommend you do as well!

No matter where you in this life at this time, please know that you can always create a better, more meaningful life, if that is what you desire!

Much love

Cynthia Rose

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