The Foundation Of Spiritual Growth: 5 Fundamental Portals

I am excited to bring you a new series of blogs about expanding your consciousness. This series will be called Portals of Inspiration.

To create the best life, you need to be aware not only of your human (earth-self) part but also of your spiritual part or spiritual self. In order to grow spiritually it is beneficial to be aware of the various levels of consciousness. To reach your optimum level you will have to venture through 5 fundamental portals. The journey through these portals can be consecutively or simultaneously. This journey, also called your soul path, will ultimately bring you your spiritual authority.

A portal is a passage to someplace else. You have many choices in this life that lead to different portals. With your choices, you can create your own experiences if you commit to it. This can come easy to you or it may take work. Each person is different.


The 5 portals critical to your spiritual development are as follows ~

1. Know Thyself

The first portal is ‘Know Thyself’. ‘Know Thyself’ is the English interpretation of the Greek words written above the gates (or portals) of the Oracle of Delphi. To know yourself honestly and authentically is necessary to grow spiritually. Lack of self-knowledge is an obstacle to your personal growth. With self-knowledge tackling challenges becomes easier. Self-knowledge will provide a base for living with purpose.

2. Self-Love

The next portal is Self-Love. Developing a healthy sense of self-love means knowing your own value system. It means knowing your and others’ boundaries. It means empathy. It means being truly grounded in love for yourself and others. It can also mean reviewing and upgrading your values since values are fluid and alive.

3. Energy Awareness

Everything in life is energy, and as a consequence, action has a reaction. Awareness that energy is important allows us to understand its movements and effects. Energy can’t be created. It just is. However, it does change form. Awareness of this will make it easier for you to tap into this energy and to make it beneficial for your soul path.

4. Belief Systems

Portal number four involves building awareness of other realms. We move into an altered state of consciousness. If we are open to new experiences then we can allow the magic of the universe to move through our awareness. We develop a deeper relationship with what we may define as our God, Angels, and Guides. As we learn to trust and value our spiritual selves and connections, we continue to grow. You can safely evolve with a strong sense of grounded in love.

5. Our Love Ties

The fifth portal is another form of an altered state of awareness. It is related to developing an awareness of what I call our Love Tie Portal. You can build or deepen a connection with your passed loved ones who now live in the spiritual realm. You can learn to communicate with your loved ones in spirit. We leave our bodies and, though we call it death, there is no death because we live on and our consciousness continues. We are eternal beings. Our love ties also include family members who may act as family guardians for us.

In Summary…

Grounded in who you are, with a good sense of your own values, gives you the confidence to move past limitations.

Everyone can learn to work consciously with energy. Working with energy supports your awareness to gain insight into your life. Psychic development is all about energy and building awareness. Using your conscious awareness supports you in living your best life.

As your awareness grows, you will discover new thoughts, experiences, and sometimes new challenges.

Remember you are the master of your ship on the ocean of consciousness. You are the ultimate master of your portals and evolvement.

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