Hello soul friend, I hope you are enjoying life wherever you are on the planet. We are spiritual beings living a human existence in our lives here.I believe it is helpful to remember and acknowledge our spiritual side in our lives as well. Each one of us is a part of the divine connection that runs through all living beings. To live a meaningful life from a loving perspective is a way to flourish. We benefit from owning our spiritual side, but there are different ways each of us connects to our source. If we live from a loving frequency, we find we are on the path.

It is my privilege as a medium to bring through messages from those who are in the afterlife. What do your loved ones in the spirit world want you to know during this time?

Those that we love and love us seem to describe two heavens. The way they describe the afterlife is as individual to who they were while they were alive. Their other heaven is with you and others they love.

As I am a deep feeling medium, I have felt the joy from those who are thrilled to communicate with you from the other side. Imagine all of those who are forgotten as if they do not exist anymore. We all continue on after death to an eternal life. Some are surprised and others are not.

I am filled with their gratitude and love when I connect with them; especially when you trust they are with you. It is always my prayer that you will know your loved ones are with you. If you realize you can communicate with the earth side when you get to the other side and you didn’t know if it was possible, of course you’d check in on or be with your loved ones, right? They also show me it is like being in two places at once because, through that loving connection, they are free to be with you and be in their heaven, which, of course, includes you.

For me personally, I am overjoyed as well when I bring through confirmations for others that yes; they are feeling their loved one around them. The whole point of a mediumship session is to bring through the evidence and communication from loved ones in the spirit world.

When my client comes away trusting their sense and communication with their loved one, then I feel we get to the heart of why I do this work. Everyone can learn to communicate with their loved ones, however, not everyone will. Just like everyone can do an exercise, but not everyone will. It is good for our hearts to remember we are eternal spiritual beings. It matters how we are with each other in life. We are here to love and learn and experience our lives.

I had the pleasure of bringing through the most wonderful lady in a session last week. She was a beautiful and powerful communicator. It was so wonderful to connect with her; I felt like I received a gift. Her heaven was a beautiful place, and she clearly showed through evidence that she was alive and well with her loved ones as well. She referenced a particular bird sound in her reading and, to my delight, after the session, they shared two videos with me and I have permission to share these with you. I hope these videos help you believe just a little more in the afterlife. I am so grateful to share these with you. I hope you enjoy the video. Remember your loved ones in spirit, acknowledge them because they have not forgotten you.

Much Love,

Cynthia Rose

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