Mystic Timelines

People come to me for astrology readings to discover current and relevant timelines for their upcoming year. A relevant timeline is a year between two birthdays. An ancient method to establish timelines is to look at a Solar Return chart.

When the sun returns each year in your chart it is your birthday. A chart cast at that time highlights the focus that will be important in your life. Planetary energies are speaking up for attention, however, this from varies year to year.

Timelines show up in psychic, mediumship, soul-to-soul, and astrology readings.

Sometimes mediums and psychics receive information for clients regarding a future occurrence in their lives. For example, in 2019, in my soul-to-soul readings, I was telling people they would work from home in March 2020. It didn’t make sense at that time because these people were working at in-person jobs.

I began to wonder why I had said that so many times. Then it turned out that these timelines made sense when Covid hit: my clients were working from home.

I intuitively saw the border between the US and Canada closing and I became concerned about unrest. And the border did close.

However, nothing is written in stone.

Psychic information is not a guarantee of an outcome. We are each a force of energy interacting with the greater field of consciousness all the time.

I also saw that we would be okay again and that things would open up. Yet, there would be a lot of fear left, and depending on the collective, we could shut down again.

Being the optimist that I am, I put my thoughts toward things being okay sooner. I remember thinking some opening up would happen in warmer weather and that the summer would be okay. But a potential relapse could occur in the cold season.

These timelines were different for everyone. Some people suffered great loss and some enjoyed being isolated while others had a very hard time. If I had looked at an individual’s astrology chart, I would have seen things differently depending on the person.

Over my forty-plus years of studying and practicing my abilities, I have noticed that different modalities provide different timeline information and that there is a definite overlap.

Perhaps a psychic says, “I see March as being a significant month for you.” Now, it may be March of that year, but the year may not necessarily be correct!

I experienced this myself where the accuracy of details is correct in psychic info, but the year was wrong. Perhaps I noticed this because I pay attention. I have been discerning in how I learn. In astrology, we see the cycles of someone’s life, or where there is a focus. Different energies are highlighted for the collective as well as the individual. So, when a psychic sees a timeline, the year can be off! Yes, it has happened to me.

In astrology, the chart shows a stronger leaning towards a specific time period, whereas a psychic may or may not be correct in time. We are inter-relating all the time and affecting outcomes in our lives.

Timelines show up in an amazing way when I work backward to figure out a person’s time of birth to rectify their chart. Natal chart rectification involves taking the most significant dates in a person’s life and using the ‘mathematics’ of the celestial timeline to determine a correct time of birth.

Finding a person’s correct time of birth takes a lot of work, but it is absolutely beautiful. It is like an astrological documentary about a person’s life.

If the rectified time is correct, then the year moving forward will resonate during a rectification session. If not, we must go back for more research. Astrology is all about cycles, timelines, and how to work best with these in your lives.

I began learning astrology after I had my chart done when I was fourteen. It changed my life. How can this be I thought. I was skeptical. I didn’t want astrology to work. I used to say, “Ask me when I’m 80, then I will tell you.”

I am not 80 years old yet, but I decided that if used correctly, astrology is a helpful tool for personal growth and planning a better life. Since I have been mostly all about spiritual growth, I have learned to work with the celestial map in a way that supports my mystic views of life.

I am a medium first, and my spiritual evolution is most important to me.

Astrology works and people use it in different ways. It is useful for spiritual growth. Regardless, I still say look for answers within. Never give your power away to a thing or another person. If you are a seeker, remember, you are walking your spiritual path and there are practices and methods that can support you. No method does it for you.

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