Gratitude Is Free Energy: Frequency Matters

We hear about the importance of gratitude, and yet somehow it’s often overlooked. It’s free, it’s just there for us all the time. We are energy, and the thoughts that flow from us are also energy. There is a subtle difference between practicing gratitude as energy and using it as lip service. I know you have experienced this too! When there is energy behind a simple thank you or have a nice day, we can feel it; Because it is energy.

There may be times that we really don’t feel grateful. I am not suggesting we override being honest about what we are feeling at all. We can, however, add it in as a way of being and honoring our feelings as well. It really makes a difference!

Of course, I am not telling you anything you don’t already know, right? This is like how we take things for granted in our lives. We all know it’s a good idea not too, but our human earth brain does it, anyway. Gently reminding ourselves of the power of gratitude helps us elevate our energy.

I can remember saying, Oh, I will never take hot water for granted again. The water heater had broken down, and I was so happy to have hot water again. There is so much to be grateful for if we just take a few moments out of our day. Simple, and it costs only a re-direct of our thoughts.

Our world is really going through shifts and changes and every time one person elevates their energy, it ripples as energy to everyone they interact with and that creates a further ripple out into the world. Everything is energy period.

So remember, every time you are practicing gratitude, you are making a difference in the world and the world needs you and you matter!

Much Love,

CynthiaRose M

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