Choosing To Shine Your Light

Hello, my soul friend. As we are in the last few weeks of the year, some of us are putting up decorations and making plans to get together with family or friends to celebrate. Memories may come to mind out of the blue and you are suddenly thinking of a loved one who has passed and….they could be thinking of you too. Trust that feeling! Our loved ones in spirit often come around the holidays or special dates.

We are always connected with those we love through a love tie. That love tie is like a telephone cord or stream of energy. I have found that this is true with living people as well. A good friend and I often share what time we think of each other and it is usually close to the same time and we have even found we have had the same thoughts as well.

For those of you having a difficult time right now, I send you love. There are various reasons that some people are having a more difficult time right now. It doesn’t take a psychic to know that the holidays can be a challenging time for more than one reason. If you are an empath or sensitive, you may be feeling what is going on in the zeitgeist.

So what do you do? Knowing oneself helps in terms of what should I do. Avoiding negative feelings can just lead to an overflow later or other consequences. Becoming negative feelings doesn’t help either.

Foremost, knowing what feels right for you to do is important. It is helpful to develop a mindset that both honors what is going on with you and still allows you to enjoy your life. Let’s face it, life is full of well…the highs the lows…everything! I spoke about Gratitude and the Power of Silence in previous blog posts, which are still supportive tools. I practice these daily.

We don’t help others by suffering for them because we simply can’t. We can’t live others’ lessons. Suffering for someone drains us and we don’t help anyone, so it’s a lose-lose way of being. When we care, we will have to navigate through this because we are human.

Consider giving yourself permission to savor the day you are having, no matter what it is. Remember that you are, in essence, an energy, and you need to keep your energy flowing.

You have natural ways to elevate yourself and shine your light. Hint: something that is healthy for you and fun. Energy wants to be in flow. Being creative is a way of allowing energy to flow. Everything we do can be in a creative flow at some level. Of course, there are the usual creative hobbies or outlets that are good for us, but there are so many ways to be creative. The point is to be aware of what it is you are trying to process and allow that to happen at the same time. Observe yourself as you process what is going on. Pay attention to the pre-recorded thoughts that drag you down and cancel them out! It can help to state something new out loud.

Remember to fill your cup so that you will have an extra dose of kindness when dealing with a world in need today. A smile costs nothing and can make someone’s day. Believe me, I have been there! Some people find it helpful to both honor their feelings, process them, and then release them by sending love to that person or situation. Most people are doing the best they can and when they let you down it is not about you. We can’t be there for others when we can’t be there for ourselves. You can picture what or who you are upset about and honor that and then have the intention to take the lesson and send that experience off with love. (Hey, I know some lessons are not fun and are hard. That is why some call this Earth school!)

December is already filled with very intense energy. You may have noticed more anger, impatience, and fear in the collective. If only everyone knew we always have a choice in how we react.

When we honor we are light and shine even brighter, we find a greater balance within. When we let go we are simply transmuting energy. Letting go can be a challenge and that could be the lesson too.

Choose a random act of kindness and see how that feels! It can even make a difference when we just remember that the person we are dealing with is a soul just like us and see their spirit and honor it silently. If you’ve ever been in a group of people who all acknowledge you as a spiritual being it is very uplifting and can be healing. Because we are energy we can even feel this in online groups.

Last, this is a great time to observe anything that is coming up inside so we can deal with any issues. You may find something you thought you’d dealt with has reared its head again. It is a good time to pay attention to what comes up and release it.

When I have sat with the spirit world, I often feel as if I am having a lesson of sorts. Those in the spirit world look upon all the pettiness, the grudges, the lack of forgiveness, and the fear and they want so much more for us. They just want to see us thrive and get on with living and savoring the moments.

Consider, no matter how hard life is, or how busy you are, you can get yourself a pleasant drink and choose to notice each moment and how incredibly beautiful life can be. Even 10 minutes can make a difference! For me, a steaming cup of java or tea and staring at nature is very centering.

I am grateful to have met and worked with such beautiful hearts as yours. I know many of you make this world a better place in your own way. I just wanted to remind you that you DO make a difference when you shine your light – and you can’t know how you affect others all the time. So why not let it shine?

Much Love,


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