8 Things The Spirit World Has Taught Me

Matthew Robison – Sculpture by Ernest Robison (Father)

As a natural-born medium, it was natural for me to transmit messages from beyond. I would have to learn through classes that there was a tradition built around communication with those who have passed on. Traditionally, through the eyes of spiritualism, the purpose of mediumship was to prove the continued existence of life. Those of us living here are called incarnate, which means in the flesh. Those that have crossed over are called discarnate, meaning having no flesh. A medium has typically done this by giving evidence or details that relate to the discarnate person’s life. Spiritualism as a movement came about to allow mediums the legal right to bring through messages. Every culture has its own beliefs and truths regarding mediumship. One thing is for sure, it is a sacred practice. It is sacred to connect with my source as I believe it and to bring through loved ones from the spiritual world.

Over my life, I have learned much from the spirit world and consider myself a lifelong learner when it comes to the unfoldment of my soul. I thought I would share with you a few things that the spirit world has shown me through communications and messages.

Communication from the other side transcends our languages. One does not have to be an English speaker to communicate with me. I absolutely love that I can communicate with anyone from any culture because spirit communication is available to anyone. It reminds me of how many people could speak different languages and yet we could all play music together and simply read music. Spirit has its own language and ways of connecting with our soul.

Love is the first language of the spirit world. We live here as incarnate souls and in our experiences, we may vacillate on feeling the love when we are here in this world. When we focus on the greatest degree of love with the spirit world, we are naturally in the right place.

Animals are definitely on the other side with us and they communicate after their passing just like humans do. Every living being we have loved is there with us on the other side. Love never dies and neither do our loving connections with living beings.

Communication between you and your loved ones is merely a thought away. While they may not be hanging around all the time, they are there in a moment’s time when we need them. This is because time is different in their world than here for us.

For the Spirit world, this is their heaven because you are in it. Those who have passed on are connected with us. What we cultivate in our hearts is free to be with us on the other side. We have free will and we can shed what we carried with us in this life. Sure, everyone has stuff to deal with, but when we pass, a loving presence that is there for us surrounds us. Imagine for a moment how your life would be different if you lived with this awareness all the time. You are always loved. Are you always loving yourself?

Everyone has a guardian angel, a spirit guide, or those who will support us if we learn about ourselves as spiritual beings. We still have free will, but we always have support available to us.

You may have family members that love you in the spirit world; If you have a grandparent or other family member, you did not know, they still love you. You may be adopted and have family members that love you from the other side. They love you anyway. I once had a woman in the spirit world come to me and say she was sorry she hadn’t been able to know me. I have seen time and again that many love us. There is evidence that shows who they are. Truthfully, I trusted some of these people before I knew who they were.

No one dies alone and even if we have no family, someone will greet us when we pass. We don’t have to be greeted by anyone in particular, but there is intelligence to how this occurs. It is always relevant to our lives and needs. I have been asked before when we did if we have to be with someone we don’t want to be with. I believe that we always have a choice.

Each of us has a spirit connection within us. It’s not woo, it’s fact. Each of us is part of the divine, the source, or God. Awareness of our spiritual nature is a freeing experience. Operating with only a human self is like operating at half-mast. We are so much more than our bodies! I consider this to be of the most important or valuable things to know; To be aware of ourselves as a whole being that is matter and spirit. In all that I have lived through, this has carried me through hard times. To know thyself is the greatest gift because when we truly know ourselves, so much of the pain and suffering dissolves and we are free to live the best life and we do!

The photo above is from an NPR story about a father and his grief over his disabled son’s passing. It is a beautiful read. When we pass, we shed the limitations of the physical body. I love the sculpture of his son’s freedom from his body because this is the truth of the spirit world.

With love,

Cynthia Rose

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