10 Reminders of Living In Flow: You Are Magnetic

Hello, my soul friend, today I am going to share key features of living in flow.

What does it mean to live in the flow? Well, when you are living in flow, you are choosing to live your best life regardless of what is happening to you. Here are ten tips to assist you.

1) There is a beautiful energy field that exists and connects us as magnetic beings. We can choose to live consciously.
All too often, we can forget that we are spiritual beings in this life. We can feel pulled in so many directions that it can affect our state of mind. Acknowledging this field allows us to tune into it and recognize it.

2) You are beautifully magnetic; You have your own vibration
I am here to remind you that you have a divine presence within and that you can invoke and live more magnetically, and consciously. You can live differently by choice. I know this personally, as I lived with challenges and I still thrived. To learn your own vibration means learning to know all of yourself from an energy viewpoint.

3) To live your best life will involve experiences and learning.
Making clear choices may bring changes and challenges. It’s a learning process. Sometimes we need to be okay with where we are and do our work on ourselves. Living from a spiritual viewpoint means invoking our higher awareness as well as our human self. Personal work does pay off if we stick with a practice to help ourselves thrive.

4) Develop Or Nurture Clarity: That is big spiritual learning.
Learning to flow with challenges that emerge in our daily lives is real gold. Living life from a place within yourself that knows you are okay, knows that you are perfect whatever is happening, or wherever you are right now. Of course, it doesn’t always seem that way. Even in the face of adversity you can develop clarity to support you as you live a more peaceful life, regardless of what is happening.

5) We always have a choice as we move through life. A choice-based mindset keeps your energy flowing better.
When we feel victim to circumstances our energy flow is affected. We can have blocks or experience indecision. With clarity and from a position of choice we are empowered to trust our direction. Lack of clarity or lack of freedom to choose feeds a fear mindset. Most of us are just doing the best we can, but we can do even better by cultivating clarity and conscious choices. These are powerful spiritual lessons worth knowing.

6) Learn to see the big picture.
Sometimes it helps to take a step back and realize that you can’t always see the reasons for events or people’s reactions. Hey, maybe you don’t even want to when you are too close to a conflict or a struggle. If you are viewing a situation from a mind in struggle, you can lack clarity. I get it, I’ve been there. Here is your invitation to remember that you have an inner core of peace, calm, and love within you. I invite you to remember who you truly are. Your core essence is love. You are love. Other people’s actions are not yours and don’t control other people. The big-picture outlook allows you to view situations a different way.

7) Use Your Energy Consciously
You are a magnetic being; You are always sending out, receiving, reacting, or responding to energy. Even when you don’t know it. In fact, it is so natural that we don’t need to think about it. However, when you consciously invoke an energy practice, you are choosing to master your energy field. I bet you could answer this question right now… Are you drained or energized when you go out and are around groups of people? You instinctively know the answer. If you haven’t thought about it, then pay attention next time you are out. When it comes to true power, many people are afraid of their own power or don’t work with energy consciously. When you work consciously you are mastering your own energy flow.

8) Let Your Higher Self Have A Voice
When you become more aware of your energy field, you can make better choices. You naturally build awareness of your higher self and intuition. You can assess a situation or viewpoint clearly and make choices from a different perspective. Living in the flow is consciously letting your spirit direct your day. The mind is a great servant but a terrible master. If it was a skilled master, we wouldn’t have so much energy wasted on worry, right? When did worrying ever do anything positive? Worry is like a slow leak of a tire. Your energy field with a slow leak is less effective.

9) Honor Your Spirit
It is true, that pain and suffering are sometimes a part of life, and yet we can choose to make it easier on ourselves and thrive despite any challenge in our lives. When I lived in severe pain, many people did not know I was in pain because I wasn’t suffering, though my body was. Sure, I had tough moments, but believe it or not, I am grateful for my lessons. I learned to continue to grow and thrive from my spirit first. Finally, one day I sat in my surgeon’s office explaining to him I had learned to feel bliss and calm even though my body was suffering.

10) Beliefs are like closets: Sometimes You Need To Discard Some Things and Refresh
I studied many things in my years and I don’t consider myself a new-age person, though there are strengths and weaknesses in many outlooks. A general New Age outlook would have told me I needed to think differently to heal and there was something wrong with my approach. I did positive affirmations, and I was open to learning, but still, my body didn’t heal. Even some energy workers fell into this misunderstanding that I was doing something wrong. No matter that I did everything I could to heal as a daily practice, the pain continued. I could reduce my pain, change my focus, and cope, but I didn’t heal. The fact is, I needed major surgery. Training my mind to cope with a suffering body was useful. I used the strength of my spiritual side to support this for myself. I learned how detrimental holding onto energy was. Living in a flow was an absolute necessity. I would end up sharing this in one of my songs: My heart flows with a mind that’s tuned ……to skies in June – I’m aware I love this state of mind. Grateful for all I have lived through, I hope I always remember the power of spirit directing the mind. What beliefs are holding you back?

I hope reading this reminds you of what a brilliant, loving presence exists within you and all around you. Learning to live consciously is like using a muscle that gets better the more you use it. It can seem magical as things fall into place and opportunities arise that we never even saw coming. We don’t govern everyone and everything in our world. Life can present us with real challenges. When you are spiritually and energetically strong in ways that support you, life flows easier.

Everything is at the core energy and … remember you are energy. You can learn to direct and harmonize your own flow in a way that helps you.

Much Love,


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